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The CMG Safe Haven online training is replacing the VIRTUS training. The training consists of 3 vignette style training videos that is approximately 60 minutes and will include a criminal background check that must be completed.


  • All new employees and volunteers will complete the Safe Haven online training program instead of VIRTUS PGC training. The turnaround time for approval may be approximately two weeks or less.
  • All individuals must complete the training and complete a background check prior to the start of employment and/or volunteer service.
  • The 5-year anniversary date is still in place, individuals who recently attended VIRTUS will not be due to complete refresher trainings until they have met their 5-year anniversary date.
  • As the 5-year anniversary date is met, individuals will need to log into CMGConnect with their previous personal VIRTUS user id and 1234 as the password. Once the individual logs into their CMGConnect account, they will be able to change their password. If they do not remember the user id, they may contact the Safe Environment Coordinator from the Parish.

These trainings are available in English and Spanish. We will no longer offer live trainings; all Safe Environment trainings will only be available online.



     - 5:00 pm  ENGLISH

     - 7:00 pm  SPANISH


     - 8:00 am  SPANISH

     - 10:15 am ENGLISH

     - 12:30 pm​​ SPANISH​

     - 6:30 pm  ENGLISH

   Monday      - 12:10 pm ENGLISH

   Tuesday      - 5:45 pm ENGLISH

   Wednesday - 12:10 pm ENGLISH

​                     - 7:00 pm SPANISH

   Thursday    - 7:00 pm SPANISH

   Friday         - 12:10 pm ENGLISH

   1st Friday of Month - 7:00 pm SPANISH


   Thursday 12:40 - 7:00 pm​


    15 minutes before weekday masses


​      - 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm 

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